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Plain Brown Wrapper

Here’s Al Howell, along with This Hour alumnus Shaun Majumder in the seventeen minute epic Plain Brown Wrapper.

I know a fair bit of money was sunk into this not-so-short short — there was even an official première at The Varsity Cinemas back in 2005. But there’s not much going on at the filmmakers’ official site these days; if anyone out there has any good news, please post a comment and let us know!


TNS Headline News

If you like what you see in today’s video and can get yourself to Kensington Market in Downtown Toronto by 8pm this evening, you can catch the latest edition of The News Show and see Peter Gal, Kirsten Gallagher and many other talented folks live!

Just make sure to tell ’em who sent ya…


Knock Knock

It’s a Tompa two-peat! The fine acting talents of David Tompa were previously featured in The Repeater; today you’re seeing him, Aaron Merke and director Andrew Bush in a tight little piece that I screened as an opening act for Neutrino last summer. Mr. Bush has also done some shorts for This Hour Has 22 Minutes, which you can see on his YouTube page.

Oh, and in the unlikely event that you’re getting sick of Mr. Tompa’s face why not get in touch and submit a video of your own?


Westmount-Ville-Marie Bi-Election

Today’s video comes courtesy of Andrew West, and the certain camera talents of another Andrew (me). We first worked together on Porn Writer, a short film for Darryl Gold’s Hard Liquor & Porn Fest way back in 2003.

According to Andrew’s YouTube page this particular video is actually billed as an “alternate ending”; the original edit of this 30-second campaign ad spoof can be viewed here — see if you can spot the difference!



And that’s exactly what you’re going to do tonight, [snicker]…

Sorry, I should explain myself… Here in Toronto there’s this really talented trio called Approximately 3 Peters, and they’re all former students of mine at The Second City Conservatory Program. In fact, I still direct them, and shot this hilarious snippet at The Second City back in January of 2007. There’s an f-bomb or two in there but I’m sure you can handle it.

So anyway, the Pet3rs are playing this gig tonight at the local WinterCity Festival. And its outdoors. In sub-zero temperatures. Oh, and it’s happening right beside a skating rink. And, well… Hell gigs make for great stories! 😉


The Hitman

Today’s video is a classic from Neutrino alumnus Alex Hatz — so classic, in fact, that it was screened at one of my old Second Cine live shows!

Alex has since moved on to even bigger and better things — check out his personal site for all the latest…


The Parody Video Tom Cruise WANTS You to See!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Today’s video has an admittedly tenuous connection to Toronto — Second City alum Jerry Minor spent some time on our mainstage during a cast swap way back in 1996. But it’s timely and hella-funny so get over it!

You can at Funny or Die by clicking right here. And really, why wouldn’t you?

UPDATE: There doesn’t seem to be any voting button on the linked page — maybe it’s exempt?